The members of the Hawai’i Business Roundtable believe that a strong public education system is the foundation for building a better future for Hawai’i.  We believe that we must provide all students with the essential skills and knowledge to thrive in Hawai’i’s current and future economy. The Roundtable’s focus on education begins with the youngest in our community and supports preschool for all 4-year-olds in the State and continues throughout their adult lives.

With a sound education system to prepare our students, the Roundtable is focused on growing the Hawai’i economy.  We will, through collaboration with our partners, support the Visitor Industry and our Military sectors.  We believe that the Research and Innovation sector has a critical role as a catalyst for future economic development.  The new jobs created will be essential for the future of our children and the community. The Roundtable works closely with the University of Hawai’i and other Research institutions towards building a strong, new economic sector.   It supports Hawai’i’s Innovation and Entrepreneurial Community, who are essential in creating Hawai’i’s Innovation Economy.

As we build for the future, the Roundtable recognizes the need to focus on the social well-being of the community.  Housing is a critical element of the well-being for all of our residents and the Roundtable is seeking solutions to Hawai’i’s chronic housing shortage.  Finally, as we build a community of the future, the health and well-being of our residents are an important part of achieving and enjoying that better future.  The Roundtable strongly supports employer and community-based wellness initiatives that creates healthy lives for our people and our community as the “Health State.”

our mission


The Roundtable’s mission is to promote the overall economic vitality and social well-being of Hawaii. 

To accomplish this mission, the Roundtable:

  • Focuses and takes action on a limited number of issues of significance to the community where the knowledge and perspective of its members can make a unique contribution;
  • Selects as a forum for the discussion of issues;
  • Works in partnership with others to find solutions to specific issues and problems.

Executive Committee




  Steven C. Ai


  President and CEO
  City Mill Co. Ltd.

Scott Barber

President and CEO
Hawaiian Telcom

Lynn Babington

Chaminade University

Christopher Benjamin

President and CEO
Alexander & Baldwin, Inc.