Action Agenda


Economic Climate

• Reducing the cost of doing business for Hawaii companies and their employees with a focus on Hawaii’s chronic housing shortage.

• Supporting sectors of our emerging innovation economy focused on Research and Innovation.



• Support the transformation of Hawaii’s education pipeline so that all students attain the essential skills and knowledge to thrive in Hawaii's current and future economy.

• Support the restoration and modernization of facilities statewide for public education and higher education to empower 21st century teaching, learning and research.

• Support a statewide action plan for preschool for all 4-year-olds in the State.


health Care

• Support employer and community-based wellness initiatives that incentivizes behavioral changes that reinforce Hawaii’s status as the “Health State.”

• Addressing the State’s Homelessness Problem.

Other Initiatives


Economic Climate

• Reducing the cost of doing business in Hawaii with a continued focus on the cost of electricity.

• Support for the tourism industry.

• Timely development of a fiscally responsible Oahu Rail Transit.

• Monitor and determine course of action on any legislation which will result in a tax increase.


Military Relations

• Support the Military’s ability to train and operate in Hawaii through the Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii’s Military Affairs Council and other Community Organizations.



• Advance the State's “55x25” goal to increase the percentage of working age adults with postsecondary credentials.

• Support expansion of early college and dual credit programs through secondary education in Hawaii.


Health Care

• Support and promote public-private school-based health centers to support physical, behavioral, dental, and wellness preventative health programs to improve the overall health of all our children and ensure they are healthy and ready to achieve future educational success and a high quality of life.

• Monitor Federal Health Care regulatory changes and educate HBR members on implications for Health Care in Hawaii.

Legislature information

The Hawaii Legislature Session is normally in session from January to May. Please check back next year for the 2019 Legislature calendar.

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